Air and Heating

Ozark and Surrounding Areas Trusted HVAC Repair Specialists

1902 was a banner year. Why? Because that's when a young engineer named Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioning system. With hot, humid summers, knowing your air conditioning system will power on when you need it to isn't just nice, it's absolutely necessary! Let Service Today Company Inc. keep your present HVAC system in good working order, or install a new one in your home or business.

The great indoors

How on earth did our pioneer ancestors live without heating or air conditioning? Frankly, you don't want to know. At Service Today Company Inc., keeping your indoor environment comfortable, and ensuring your home's occupants are breathing clean air, are what we're all about. Call us in for prompt, professional service and reasonable pricing on all your HVAC repair needs. 

No home off-limits 

Here's another factoid about some HVAC repair companies: many of them won't touch mobile home heating systems with a ten foot pole. Who knows why, but Service Today Company Inc. isn't like that. We happily perform HVAC repairs on stick-built and mobile homes, or can install new systems on either one. We give free estimates on new system installs, so call today if your old one is on the fritz!

God bless you!

Are you sneezing more than usual, yet don't have a history of allergies? Does the air in your home smell stale or musty? Dirty HVAC ducts could be the culprit. Let the technicians at Service Today Company Inc. check your HVAC system for mold, dust bunnies, pet hair and other contaminants. We won't pressure you into buying an "upgraded" service package you don't need. We'll provide the service you do need, if you need it, at a fair price. 

"Prompt, polite and reasonably priced!" - Timothy W.,

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